Roofer in Daytona BeachDo you want to learn more about your roof? Take a look at this list of common roofing terms you may not be familiar with:

  • Drip Edge – This is an L-shaped strip made of metal that is installed along the edge of a roof that ensures water will run off of it appropriately.
  • Fire Rating – Fire rating is a system that is used to classify the fire resistant of roofing material. A class material is the highest rated. The other ratings are B, C, and unrated.
  • Rafters – This term is used to refer to the supporting frame of your roof. Your roof deck is attached to the rafters.
  • Truss – The truss is the part of your roof that supplements the rafters in your home or business. These parts of the roofing are explicitly designed for your roofing and should not be removed or changed.
  • Valley – This is the angle that is formed when two sloped roof surfaces intersect.

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